EDUTECH: A Comprehensive Guide


What is EDUTECH?

Leaders in EduTech

They have maintained their belief since 1991 that education can foster innovation and that technology can revolutionize the way that learning is done.

Lifetime Education

Since they support lifelong learning, they offer learning solutions in the areas of corporate learning, higher education, vocational education, and K–12 education.

In-depth comprehension

They are able to successfully handle learning needs at all levels because to their in-depth knowledge of educational technologies and systems.

Client Success

Ensuring good learning outcomes and enhanced performance for their customers has always been their top priority.

Moving Ahead                                                                      

They always consider the future and work to offer answers that will enable young people and nations to succeed and be productive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Sectors EDUTECH Serve?

K–12 Instruction

Our teaching and learning solutions assist educational institutions in establishing a blended, integrated learning environment that uses state-of-the-art technology to boost student engagement and learning outcomes.

All the joy and endless inventions of a whole childhood in one modular kit

A unique kit called Infento allows families to make authentic rides together. To construct an infinite number of rides for your entire childhood, all you need is one kit and one hex key. from a young child to an adult. ranging from a sledge to a go-kart, tricycle, bicycle, walkers, scooters, and more. The modular elements of Infento offer countless configurations.

It assists middle and high school pupils in making a significant advancement toward creative learning in accordance with inquiry-based learning techniques.

STEAM+ LittleBits Class Pack

The complete STEAM learning toolset, the littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack comes with 40+ standards-aligned lessons to keep the entire class engaged, 10 newly designed, sturdy storage containers, and 240 Bits. Using the Fuse app and programming, you may design digital circuits and advance.

Up to 30 students can participate in unplugged activities, and all students can use the new Fuse app to code.

Run more than fifty disconnected/no device-needed cross-curricular sessions and more than twenty coding lessons on

3D printer Dremel Digilab 3D45

The easiest 3D printer to use in a classroom is the Dremel Digilab 3D 45. Its simplicity of setup and usage, print quality and consistency, build volume, software, filament, connectivity, and affordability have earned it the PCMag 2018 Editors’ Choice Award.

  • A 100°C glass build plate that is easily removable and a 280°C all-metal 0.4mm nozzle.
  • A 5-inch touch screen with full color and easily readable icons for simple setup and use. After unpacking, get your first print in just fifteen minutes.

Launch Pack for Classrooms

Integrate space-related facts into your teaching. Test your code on actual spacecraft.

All the resources required to get your students planning and carrying out their own space-based experiments are included in the Because Learning Classroom Launch Pack. Pupils in grades 9 and up are able to gather data, analyze it, and share their experiment with the Because Learning global community. With the Classroom Launch Pack, educators can give their students the tools they need to carry out more than 120 practical experiments with the Sensor Kits.

TinyBits Pro Collection

This enormous collection was created to allow inventors’ creativity to go wild as they create the most cutting-edge littleBits creations. It has intricate bits that combine logic, music, the internet, and programming. Inspire creativity in your maker space, library, or school!

  • For 9+ grades
  • Develop your math, physics, engineering, and art abilities while you solve problems and create
  • Ideal for group-based, cooperative, project-based learning
  • Utilize your Bits in countless ways to come up with fresh, creative ideas.

Power Pack for Sphero BOLT

The BOLT Power Pack is a collection of the top STEM resources from Sphero that are packaged for use in the classroom.As students complete instructional tasks, teach them programming using Sphero BOLT programmable robots.Sphero programmable robots are easy to charge, store, and transport anywhere with the carrying case. This robotics kit includes everything educators need to teach robotics and coding skills in the classroom through hands-on STEM learning, including 15 Sphero BOLTs and a ton of accessories.

Wireless Solutions, Lab Equipment, and Sensors

Any classroom can become a multidisciplinary, hands-on science laboratory with the Labdisc. In addition to saving schools a significant amount of money compared to typical laboratory formats, wireless, built-in probes and automatic sensor testing and calibration free instructors from hours of setup and calibration work. The multi-award-winning Labdisc design seamlessly works with all of the newest educational technology, including iPads, Chromebooks, online learning, and interactive whiteboards.

Guide to Renewable Energy Set

The Tutorial Renewable Set, which includes a solar wind set, measurement set, methanol fuel cell, reversible fuel cell, electrolyzer, and fuel cell, is a comprehensive solution for teaching renewable energy.  The kits enable for experiments spanning the entire spectrum of hydrogen uses, including solar, wind, and automobile applications. They also offer modular components for flexibility and ease of setup and use.

Brightspace D2L

The worry-free technology provided by the Brightspace learning management system (LMS) helps learners come first. Partnering with D2L’s learning experts will help you improve your teaching performance and learning results, which will benefit your higher education offering.

With individualized learning from Brightspace, you can make sure every student realizes their greatest potential.

Permit students to access learning from any device, go through the material at their own speed, and learn on their own terms.

Facilitate community building and collaboration by facilitating learners’ connections.

Solutions for Document Management

With the aid of our electronic document management solutions, businesses can securely, methodically, and legally gather, distribute, handle, and preserve a wide variety of documents. Digital papers have a smooth user interface, are easily searchable, and can be accessed quickly from any application or IT system.

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