Boddle Learning: Math Game App for K-6 Kids to Play

boddle learning

Boddle Learning proves that learning doesn’t have to be boring. It turns mathematics into fun by combining learning with play. If you’re a teacher trying to improve your classroom, or a parent trying to make math fun for your kids, give Boddle a try.

What Is Boddle Learning?

Boddle is an innovative app for learning math in an easy 3D way. It’s for K-6 students. It gets exciting for student to learn and grasp things easily and efficiently. Here are some features of boddle learning:

  1. Boddle content follows the standards of Texas Essential Knowledge And Skills. It also follows the Common Core State Standards, Florida B.E.S.T., and many others. Teachers can use Boddle in their lesson plans. They know it reinforces key math ideas. rights and privacy laws) and SOPPA (Student Online Privacy Protection Act). 
  2. Parents can rest assured that their children are in a safe place online. Students have fun. They explore and solve math problems. They also explore virtual worlds and win prizes. 
  3. Students can access Boddle’s math challenges anytime, anywhere. They can use a web browser or mobile device.

Why Boddle Learning?

boddle learning

Learning through fun

Boddle make students learn by literally playing. Students cant get this that they are actually learning while playing games.

Real-world applications

Boddle’s math problems are practical and relevant. Students encounter situations where math is important. For example, they calculate the area of a virtual garden or solve puzzles about time. It promotes understanding of the true meaning of this world. 

Testimonials from Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents around the world have Boddle:

  1. Educational technology expert Gabi Graham praises Boddle for teaching math work. Show Boddle ways to develop a love of learning outside of the classroom. Braun, from another school, added Boddle to his math program, and it immediately became his favorite. 
  2. Powell uses Boddle every day to celebrate her students’ progress. 
  3. Student Focused
  4. Assign Boddle Students
  5. Customizable Characters:  Each student creates their own fun avatar. to go forward.

How To Start?

Boddle app is easy to use it can be signed up in following way:

  1. Sign Up: an account should have to be created by studentsor teachers.
  2. Search content: the content that is to be studied should be searched.
  3. Assign task: tasks are assigned according to the topics through activity and games way.
  4. Watch progress: after completion of the task the report can analyzed to check the progress.

Pricing Of Boddle?

They offer premium and free memberships both:

  1. Basic: basic gameplays are provided with basic rewards to learn maths.
  2. Premium: $5.83 per month is charged for premium subscription and yearly subscriptions are provided at discounted prices. 
  3. Teachers: This app is free for the teachers to use.
  4. Bulk Premium Offer: It is effective in schools. Students can learn through games and activities in smart classes. In this the students are provided and appreciated with premium rewards.

How Does Boddle Help Students With Learning Disabilities?

boddle learning

Boddle Learning is a versatile platform. It helps students with different learning needs, such as those with disabilities. Here’s how Boddle supports students with learning disabilities:

Visual Interactivity: Boddle’s 3D graphics and gameplay provide a visual experience. For students who struggle with traditional learning, visual content can improve comprehension. The lessons makes it fun and easier for students to learn at their own pace. Students and teachers can balance and adjust the difficulty levels.

Structured learning: students can go step by step so that they can follow up and learn easily. The system supports students. Positive feedback, virtual rewards and achievements encourage perseverance and personal growth. This program helps students with learning disabilities through everyday math. Students can focus on one concept at a time, which is important for struggling students. Identifying areas of struggle allows for intervention and self-support.

Boddle Compared To Other Maths App

Boddle stand out differently and works differently in a fun and easier way for students. Comparison of Boddle with the other application is mentioned below:

Gamified Learning Experience

Boddle provides game sthat helps students to learn maths effectively. Students can customize their bobbleheads and enjoy beautiful animations in the arcade. Although they are versatile, some do not have time to study in depth.

Methodology: Boddle provides content support, including video explanations of math problems. It encourages mathematical practice and provides valuable support. A deeper understanding can be gained through additional opportunities when practice helps. Dashboards provide instant information about student progress. However, Boddle provides read-aloud options and video explanations for each question.

Real-time monitoring: Teachers can instantly see students’ assignments during the game. They can then quickly help when students encounter a problem. .

Effectiveness in Mathematics Teaching:

Boddle is one of the best tools in mathematics teaching:

  1. Differentiation: It provides different teaching and helps group work.
  2.  Boddle helps solve learning and networking problems effectively.

Boddle App Alternative

  1. Mangahigh: this application is used for maths learnings. They provide students with challenges and fun activities and engage them in learning mathematics concepts.
  2. Legends Of Learning: It is kind off similar to Boddle , as they provide learning feature for all the subjects through games and activity way.
  3. Prodigy: This application is for teaching maths but in an personalised way. This application focuses on the students effective learning according to their educational needs.
  4. Magic EdTech: It is a diversified application providing digital solution to the students according to their needs.
  5. Duolingo: This is an application for learning different languages. It is effective for all age group and provide features to learn many different languages. It is effective if we travel from one place to another.


Boddle Learning proves that learning doesn’t have to be boring. It turns mathematics into fun by combining learning with play. So, if you’re a teacher who wants to improve your class or a parent who wants to make math fun for your kids, try Boddle.

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