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truth and dare questions

We apologize if we sound like Monica from Friends, but every now and again, all we really need is some planned fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game of “never have I ever” for your upcoming drinks, a drinking contest for the after-party, or even dinner party activities for a (civilized?) evening. Or how about a traditional truth and dare questions?

In a normal TOD session, you and your friends sit in a circle and go clockwise, asking each participant whether they would choose to truth and dare questions or do a dare. Once they’ve made their decision, the player usually needs to finish a forfeit if they refuse to respond to the question or do the dare. Unsurprisingly, it’s typically a shot of something *very* potent. Warning: If you’ve never played the infamous game before, it’s rather simple to learn. Of course, if alcohol is involved, things may get a little fiery.

There is perhaps nothing better – or more savage – than a traditional game of truth or dare, whether you’re having a ladies night in at the weekend and want to raise some eyebrows, or you’re on a hen do and want your bridal party to get to know each other better.

And because it has such a special place in our teenage house party hearts, we’ve put together a list of all 200 of our favorite questions and dares that are a certain way to keep the celebration going all night long.

Best Truth and Dare Questions

When did you last tell a lie?
When did you last experience tears?
What scares you the most?
What is your most vivid fantasy?
Who was the last Instagram user you stalked?
What is the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten?
What is a secret you haven’t shared with anyone?
Have you got a secret talent?
What would you never allow in a relationship?
Who was your first crush on a celebrity?
Have you ever used exam cheating tactics?
Which reality television program would you be on, if you were to appear on one?
What is your biggest weakness?
What one thing about yourself do you detest others knowing?
Why did your previous relationship fail?
What is the best reason you’ve ever got?
How much money did you ever spent on a night out?
What was your biggest error in judgment?
Have you ever exchanged or returned a gift?
Have you got a favorite one?
Who among the famous do you admire?

Humorous Truth and Dare Questions

What has been your best embarrassing moment?
What was the grossy thing you ever functioned?
Which one of your taxi experiences embarrassed you the most?
What was the most absurd justification for your early club exit?
Describe your first kiss for me.
When did you fart most inappropriately?
What do you really want to keep from your family knowing?
Who in this room, in your opinion, is the worst dressed?
Ever practiced kissing in front of a mirror?
What was your worst outfit ever?
What annoys you the most?
Which TV character can you most identify with?
Which of Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, or Kylie do you like the best?
Have you ever eaten and then hurried?
Ever engaged in sexual activity on a beach?
Are you interested in joining the mile-high club?
Do you think about participating in Love Island?
Which of your meals has ever been the worst?
Have you ever engaged in a partner’s strip tease?
Who would you choose if you could only bring one other player with you to a remote island?
How would you spend a million pounds if you got it all at once?

Bizarre Truth and Dare questions

What was the oddest place you ever urinated?
Ever urinated in the shower?
What is the strangest food you’ve ever consumed?
Which of your dreams was the strangest?
What makes you queasy?
Where was your strangest sexual experience?
What do you only perform when you’re by yourself?
What disgusting meal combination is your favorite?
Which of your lies struck you as the strangest?
What is the most weird thing you’ve ever listened about yourself?
Do you use phony profiles on social media?
What was your worst fear as a child?
Ever urinated in a swimming pool?
What peculiar dish do you enjoy?

Top Unknown Truth & Dares

What was your worst professional error in the past?
Have you ever had any fetishes?
What is something about you that you’re pleased your family doesn’t know?
Have you ever committed adultery?
What is the worst deed you have ever committed?
What do you think about polyamory?
Which of your past intimate encounters was the worst?
Which of your past intimate encounters was the best?
Do you have a cyber record?
Have you ever kept close pals with someone for reasons other than this frienship?
In a room, who would you love to kiss?
Have you ever encountered the law?
The worst thing you’ve ever said to someone was what?
Have you ever been caught engaging in improper behavior?
Which of your dates was the worst?
Which of your dates has been the best?
What happened on your most recent night out?
What do you regret most?
Have you ever spoken negatively about someone in this room and afterwards regretted it?
Have you ever made up a story to escape a terrible date?
What greatest trouble you had till now?
When was the latest time you had sex outdoor?
What is the baddest lie you have ever said?
What is one thing about which you wish you had lied?
Describe an instance you believe you made a poor partner.
Which buddy would you cut from your life if you had to?
What is your favorite vice?
Who would you choose to reunite with if you had to?
Have you got a favorite pal?
What makes you the happiest?

Top Risky Dares

Try to balance three items of the group’s choosing.
Display the humiliating snapshot you have on your phone.
Show the last five persons you texted, along with the content of your messages.
Allow the remainder of the team to From your Instagram account, DM someone.
Squat 100 times.
Let the gang check your Instagram direct messages.
Present your screen time report to us.
The first word that comes to mind should be shouted aloud.
till you get to go again, keep your eyes closed.
Take everything out of your wallet or pocketbook and display it to everyone.
Spend ten minutes pretending to be the person on your right.
Without using your hands, consume a snack.
Tell the individual to your left a secret in a low voice.
Say two sincere words about each group member.
Tell a tragic anecdote you’ve heard.
For the remainder of the evening, hold your drink in both hands. Apply your makeup without a mirror. For the remainder of the game, neck the drink of the person to your right.

Weird & Witty Dares

Take five spoonfuls of your preferred condiment.
pretend to be one of your favorite foods.
Consume some raw garlic.
Give your chosen person a lap dance.
Until it’s your turn again, repeat everything the person to your right is saying.
the first 15 articles you see on Facebook
Consume some mustard.
Make an orgasmic face.
sexily consume a banana.
Put on your sexiest crawl.
For a minute, twerk.
As soon as you can, make the gathering chuckle.
Allow a group member to touch up your makeup.
For the rest of the evening, use an American accent when speaking.
Try your best to sound like a celebrity.
Play the air guitar nonstop for two minutes.
Two minutes of wolf howling
Two minutes of music-free dancing
Pole-dancing with a fictitious pole
The chorus of a corny song should be sung loudly.
Allow someone to tease you, but resist laughing.
Put your drink down (prudently)
Make an effort to sob in front of the gathering.
Give each person in the room a doppelganger of a famous person.
Try to sound like everyone in the room.
Gargle your response to the following Truth after filling your mouth with liquid.
Make a different player jump in the following ten minutes.

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