Who are we?

Based in the heart of Soho, buzzvault is the award winning company bringing the benefits of tech to the traditional and outdated world of insurance.  

For too long insurance customers have learned to accept inadequate, inaccurate, one-size-fits-all insurance policies. And sadly, most only realise the shortcomings of these policies when it’s too late. 

Imagine making a claim only to realise you’re under-insured. It happens everyday – and we’re tired of it. We think you deserve better. 

That’s why we’re empowering consumers through their own ‘buzzvault’ – a secure digital inventory of their home contents data, to make protecting their possessions stress free. Backed by the Munich Re Group, our home insurance is tailored to each customer’s contents. So, if an item is in your vault, it’s protected. Easy.

With a track record of rapid growth – and backing by White Mountains Insurance Group, one of the world’s leading investors listed on the New York Stock Exchange, our vision of delivering a secure, data-empowered future for insurance has quickly become a reality.

Our story

buzzvault’s story was born from the personal misfortune of CEO and founder, Becky Downing. Arriving home one evening, Becky was shocked to see that her home had been totally ransacked, and sadly, the thieves had gotten away with some of her most prized possessions.

Once the initial shock had subsided, Becky sprang into action. Because regardless of how horrible the situation was, she assumed that the insurance policy she had been paying for would protect her. 

Becky was wrong.

Unfortunately, her nightmare had only begun. Because, like 70% of the population, Becky was under-insured. And for the items that she was covered for, the insurer flat-out refused to payout unless she could provide the required receipts. But who keeps a receipt for every item? Who has receipts for vintage, priceless, family heirlooms?

This is when she realised that there was a major problem with insurance – one that needed fixing.

With most insurers, customers are expected to answer over-complicated questions and estimate the worth of their possessions. And then, if they do need to claim, customers must come up with an inventory after they’ve lost their things. Why? Because insurers don’t know up front what it is they’re insuring. 

This results in a complete mismatch between what customers expect their insurance to cover and what it covers in reality. Customers are then faced with a poor claims experience, wasting time and money.

So, Becky created buzzvault – a simple solution to home insurance powered by mobile video, where you choose what’s insured and get a quote that accurately reflects that.

By creating a digital inventory of a customer’s possessions via an app on their smartphone, buzzvault provides users with an accurate home insurance policy in a matter of minutes – all with the promise of a swift, low-hassle claims experience. 

And with video-surveying technology, householders can survey each room in their home through a direct link to a certified surveyor. This means that we know exactly what we’re insuring, and unlike any other home insurance provider, we can save customers a lot of hassle at the point of claim.

Awards & Recognitions

  • buzzvault won $500,000 in the annual Connecticut County VentureClash competition and has secured awards in the Wayra London Accelerator 2013 and the Startup Bootcamp InsurTech 2016.
  • In May 2018, buzzvault won the highly prestigious DIAmond Award at the Digital Insurance Agenda in Amsterdam.
  • Becky Downing has won the Emerging Entrepreneur Award 2016 at WCIT and earned a Silver Medal at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.
  • Recognised as one of the global ‘Top 100 Insurtech firms 2018’ by Insurance Post
  • Recognised as part of the Disrupt 100
  • One the top 11 start-ups to watch by TechCity Insider


The company has also been nominated in the following awards:

  • Women in Business – Startup Awards 2016
  • Best InsurTech Startup – Insurance Post Digital Insurance Awards 2016
  • Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year – Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2016
  • Startup Entrepreneur of the Year – Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2016
  • Young Company of the Year – Amazon Growing Business Awards 2016