Boddle Math: Everything You Need to Know

boddle math

In the evolving world of education, where technology has started to change the landscape by incorporating creative learning styles for the students. Boddle Math stands out as a cutting-edge platform for the individual who has difficulty in math learning. In this article we are going to talk about the math learning platform and a gamified educational platform. 

About Boddle Math

boddle math

Boddle Math is education platform and uses curriculum-based, encrypted and secure math games. This is an adaptive math program and it is not just a digital platform but it is a gamified educational platform that turns math practice into an adventure. It creates immersive lessons which allows students to practice math calculations. It will bring immense changes in students by using 3D images, audio files and audio. Through feedback, they will increase the ability and speed of every learner.

Characteristics of Boddle Math

There are several features of the Boddle Math which helps to make math learning smooth and efficient. The platform includes arithmetic concepts and the abilities that align with the standards. It includes C.C.S.S, Florida B.E.S.T, T.E.K.S and many more. They modify the games and their lesson plans to provide a proper progress and challenges. The learners will receive stars, cash or badges as prizes. You can also explore numerous worlds and customize their 3D avatars. They also have data tracking and reporting mechanisms.  

Learning Enhancement

boddle math

The platform helps to improve learning by infusing technology and education. They use feedback to provide students a positive setting for learning. The Boddle Math also provides educators with data-driven insights. It depends on the students interest, making math problems enjoyable. It helps the kids to grow mentality and completion. 

Available games

There are a variety of games and activities available on the platform which has a diverse learning style. Students can select various types, themes and levels to meet their goals. They can learn math in practice mode, speed, time, order and the ability level. Students can complete their challenge mode by one another. You have to respond to as many questions as you can in a short period. Through this you can calculate your accuracy and speed. 

Steps of Class Integration

You can incorporate in the classroom in different ways. The instructor uses it to develop and also to promote the math topics in the class. Teachers can use the platform as a differentiation strategy to enhance the students skills. According to the statistics and reports, they will assign practices and subjects. Teachers can employ it as a way to track the progress of the students and their proficiency. 

Gamification of The Platform 

Boddle learning can become enjoyable and playful when it is gamified. They use different strategies from games and incorporate them in a non-gaming situation. Students will be rewarded with stars, coins, badges and certificates and there is a variety of modes, subjects and levels of test available. It brings a sense of competitiveness, through the chart they can view their status. Feedback is provided by training, guided audio, reports and drawing tools. 

Reports and Data Tracking         

The data of the students are tracked and reported using a vast range of features, an automated placement test can be done through this platform. This method helps to find out the grade of the students and after this it offers reports in real time. It includes the questions, answers, time spent, accuracy and the gaps. ^They provide suggestions such as offering more resources, activities and help. The teachers and parents can know about the children’s performance.  

Teachers and Parents collab

Teachers and parents can connect with each other through Google Classroom, Clever and many other platforms. The Boddle Math facilitates the setup and handling of the accounts. They provide homeworks in the group by teachers and parents and they also select the list of the subjects that match the standards. Access to the teaching aids, lesson plans, tutorials, blogs and few more services which are free. The platform helps to improve the teaching and learning of math. 

Personalized Learning 

boddle math

The platform offers a personalized classroom for the math students. They modify the quiz and the topic by using the learning machine. They take care of the right amount of stress and growth based on every student’s progress and goals. Students have the freedom to choose their learning route and speed. Through this method students can practice their concepts and achieve their goals.     

Ways To Access 

The following are the method to sign up your account on the platform and get the access, that you should know about:-

  1. Visit the official website and once you reach the website choose the option whether you want to sign up as a teacher or parents.
  2. Once you reach the sign up portal, fill in the details given on the portal such as email address and password.
  3. After you filled all the details click on the sign-up button. 

Through the same procedure you can easily sign-in and get access to the platform, but you have to just click on the “Login as parent or Teacher” option. Then fill in all the details and click on the sign-in button.     


The Boddle Math is a 3D math game. They use interactions as their theme to change the subject. Which makes the math practices enjoyable, creative and productive for kids. They use adaptive teaching, gamification and data tracking. It offers a variety of tools  and resources to teachers and students to make learning enjoyable and creative. The platform tracks the growth and  progress of the students. It is connected with Google Classroom, Clever and many other platforms that enhance the education standards.  


To use the Boddle Math does it require a certain age?

 Ans. There is no minimum age limit in the Boddle Math. It abides by F.E.R.P.A, COPPA and S.O.P.P.A and it is a kid safe certified. 

What are the updates and changes you can expect from this platform? 

Ans. Math education is constantly evolving and it is dedicated to improving speech recognition, while covering the sciences and language arts. 

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