SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates for 2023

sassa status check

The SRD R350 grant application’s SASSA status includes the payment dates. Online sassa status check status checks for applications, payments, balances, and payment dates are available through SASSA. Applicants can use their phone number and South African ID number to check the current month’s paycheck and previous R350 payment dates. In this post, we will try to discuss and explain about it.

Know About SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency’s (SASSA) primary duty is to ensure that people in need have access to social subsidies and assistance. The Special Relief of Distress (SRD) award is one such program that is intended to provide temporary support during calamities. As technology advances, SASSA has made it easier for grant winners to check the status of their awards online. We’ll demonstrate how to check your SRD SASSA status online in this article in 2023.

The SASSA awards enable people to consider several career options and may be temporary. However, the COVID-19 R350 grant has been extended until the beginning of March 2024, covering a 12-month period, according to a national address by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The relief of distress grant will keep assisting South Africa’s most destitute citizens.

Thabo Francis and Isaac Lipharama, two SASSA (South African Social Security) officials, have confirmed the accuracy of the aforementioned item. They both worked on projects involving the Social Relief of Distress Grant and checked the accuracy of all the information in the articles about social grants from the South African Social Security Agency.

How To create Profile On SASSA?

To check the status, one can register for an account on the SASSA site by below the steps:

  • To go the official SASSA website, point to The “Register” click is located in the top right corner of the site.
  • Write your name, last name, ID number, and mobile number in the contact data field.
  • For the account, one must create a nameme of user and password.
  • To end off the process, click the “Register” button.
  • After the creation of the account, one can check the status by signing in to the SASSA site using the identification number and mobile number.
  • One can check the status of a previous submitted application by vissiting to the SASSA website and select the “Check Status” option.

How To Get In Touch SASSA Customer Service?

  • If you have any inquiries about your registration confirmation, you can contact SASSA customer service through one of the following channels:
  • You can reach the SASSA toll-free number by dialing 0800 60 10 11.
  • A customer service agent can help you with your inquiry. To get in touch with SASSA, email
  • If you provide your contact information and question in your email, a customer service representative will respond.
  • Visit the SASSA location that is most convenient for you. By going the SASSA website and pointing the “Contact Us” option, you may know the location of the closest office.
  • Next, enter in your location to find the office that is nearest to you.

Process To Check the Status of SRD SASSA Online in 2023

Follow these instructions to verify the progress of your SRD SASSA application online:

  • Go to to see the official SRD SASSA website.
  • You must include both the phone number you used to submit your application and your South African ID number.
  • Click the “Submit” button to see your status.
  • You can also call the SASSA toll-free at 0800601011 as an option.
  • Before making the call, you must have your cell phone number and ID number ready.
  • You can also use WhatsApp or the SMS service associated with your phone number to check your SASSA status. It is crucial to highlight that the UIF, SARS, and NSFAS databases, as well as the Department of Home Affairs database.
  • It is crucial to note that throughout the verification process for SRD SASSA applications, the Department of Home Affairs database, as well as the UIF, SARS, and NSFAS databases, are reviewed.
  • Once the verification is complete, your application will either be approved or rejected with a rationale. If you get your payments from the SASSA via postal mail or cash, you can simply call the post office with your ID to inquire about the status of your amount. Utilizing this service is free.

Details To check Status SRD SASSA online

Online services are today’s essential tools for streamlining administrative processes and improving accessibility. Social grants operate in a similar manner. Online tools that allow users to readily track the status of their applications encourage greater transparency and reduce the necessity for in-person visits to SASSA offices.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A South African identification number for you, together with the phone number you provide for your application.
  • Once someone knows this, one can visit the official SRD SASSA website and enter your identification number and mobile number to see your status.
  • One can also check the status online, by sending one SMS using the phone number, through WhatsApp, or by calling on the toll-free number 0800601011.

SASSA Grant March Payment Dates 2024

Social assistance is offered by South African Social Security Agency to many South Africans. To make sure beneficiaries are well-known, here are march payment dates for different SASSA Grants:

  • Older Person Grant: 5 March 2024
  • SASSA SRD: 25 – 29 March 2024
  • Children Grants: 7 March 2024
  • Disability Grant: 6 March 2024

SASSA SRD Application or Appeal for Payment Status

SASSA reserves the right to reject any grant application without prior notice. However, if your SRD grant is rejected you can appeal the SASSA decision to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) within 3 months of the rejection.

For SASSA appeal status and application, you must perform this process:

  1. Open the ITSAA website
  2. Click on the option “My right to appeal against the COVID-19 SRD”.
  3. Appellants must accept the terms of the consent documents and declarations.
  4. Now click on “Lose Appeal” button.
  5. Enter your SASSA SRD Grant Application ID.
  6. Receive a PIN on your phone to verify the status of your application.
  7. Submit an appeal for a COVID-19 SRD grant.

Tips & Tricks To Follow While Verifying SRD SASSA Status

  • Use a dependable, secure internet connection when accessing sensitive information online.
  • Keep records. Your confirmation number, application reference number, and any other relevant information should be kept on file.
  • This can be helpful for usage in the future or in the event of mistakes.
  • If you run into any issues while checking your status online, don’t be afraid to contact SASSA’s official customer service channels for assistance.
  • They can address any problems you might have and provide advise.
  • Wait: It’s important to remember that processing times can alter and that SASSA may be handling a huge volume of applications.
  • Please wait if your status is still being processed and come back later.

Challenges for SASSA Beneficiaries

You must make a declaration and accept some conditions that are expressly mentioned by this organization when applying for SASSA or checking the status of your application. Although these phrases are straightforward, you must first understand them before moving forward. These are most frequently found in

  • You must indicate that you are an unemployed South African resident citizen to be eligible for some SASSA benefits.
  • You need to be 18 and not be a recipient of any other social benefits or work insurance.
  • Through commercial risk management organizations, SASSA can confirm your information; if differences are discovered, your application may be rejected.
  • One will know that SASSA respects the right to privacy and will keep the data private.
  • One permits to SARS providing SASSA with data about the finances.
  • If one is a benefitted of the SASSA and is found to be in violation of any of its regulations and rules, your application status will be sabotached and you will not receive your payment date for that month.


Finally, by sticking to the detailed procedures in this article, one can easily keep track of the result of your SRD SASSA application status, take insight into the process, and keep eye of the status of your SRD award. By using these online tools, SASSA can better administer social grants while also simplifying the procedure for recipients.

Questions and Answers

How can I check the status of my 350 for 2023?

In 2023, you can visit the official SASSA website and log in with your ID number and phone number to monitor the progress of your R350. SASSA will send you an SMS with instructions on how to claim your prize after approving your application.

How can I see my 2023 SASSA balance?

Call 1203210 or 12069277 and follow the prompts to check your August SASSA balance.

Will the SRD grant be offered in 2023?

The SASSA SRD Grant R350 is still available in August 2023. The grant provides vulnerable residents with a Sassa R350 Grant Payment, including senior persons, people with impairments, and children.

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