Cosmic Value Is Your One-Stop Shop For Pet Simulator X’s Pet Values.

Cosmic Value

Players of the well-known game Pet Simulator X frequently use Cosmic Value, a specific portal, to determine the worth of their pets. This website is a go-to resource for the PetSimX community because of its reputation for dependability and frequent updates.

The Cosmic Values Discord bot (CVB), which provides participants with access to the value list, is an added bonus. Players can also ask the staff for assistance. Overall, Cosmic Values is an essential tool for everyone seeking to succeed in Pet Simulator X.

But keep in mind that it is only a suggestion and should not be regarded as the final word on what constitutes a good pet. This is so because the estimations are based on market trends and player interactions, two crucial factors. Both of these variables are constantly changing, thus it’s crucial to regularly check Cosmic Value for the most recent values.

What Is Pet Simulator X Are Cosmic Values?

It’s crucial to comprehend what cosmic value in Pet Simulator X are before you begin employing them.

The pets in Pet Simulator X have different values allocated to them that represent their value. This is carried out in gem-denominated currency. The pets are represented by Cosmic Value based on how uncommon and sought-after they are.

The actual market patterns and player interactions are used to calculate cosmic values. Consequently, it is a trustworthy method of determining the worth of pets in Pet Simulator X. Cosmic Values, in other words, are a necessity if you’re playing Pet Simulator X.

How Do I Use The Website Cosmic Values?

You must first access the Cosmic Value website in order to use the platform. You will find a number of menus and options once you land on the homepage. Here is how to move through them.

Check for Access

It’s essential to check that the web connection is secure before beginning. Look for a little padlock icon in your browser’s address bar. This symbol denotes a secure connection, which protects the privacy of your data.

Learning Values

The pet values listing is the main component of the Cosmic Value website. Any pet can be searched for here to find out what it is currently worth in the game.

Stall Values

Cosmic Values are always changing. As a feature that will offer even more details on your pet’s value, the team is currently developing booth values for all pets.

Pet Simulator X’s most popular animals

View Pet Simulator X’s Top 5 Most Popular Animals.

Golden Titanic Jolly Cat: This cat is not frequently available, and even when it is, it is only so for a brief period of time. It has a 135T gem value. 

A priceless pet with a worth of almost 7 million gems is the Pixel Demon. This pet must be hatched from a Pixel Egg. 

Huge Green Balloon Cat: This is the most priceless pet you can raise if you have access to the Royal Egg. Normally, this would be 90 billion. 

Huge Pony Pet: This pet has a 1.5% hatching chance and is worth 600 trillion gems. 

Demon, Mythical Pet 404, has a 1% chance to hatch. Even though it just has a 700k gem value, it is regarded as the strongest.

Costliest Animals in Pet Simulator X

Here is a short list of the priciest pets available in Pet Simulator X:

Huge Pumpkin Cat: The normal version of this rare pet is worth approximately 150,000,000,000 diamonds.

Grinch Cat is a pet that costs about 1.2 billion gems. Also an Exclusive pet, this one. 

This cat, the Helicopter Cat, is worth about 340,000 diamonds. Although the price may appear lower than others, there is a huge demand for it. 

Scary Cat: This pet costs 175,000,000 gems in its standard form. In 2022, it was offered as a Halloween gift. 

Huge Party Cat – The usual version of this costs 340,000,000,000 gems, which is quite a bit of money. It is a rare pet that cannot be hatched and must be acquired through trading with other players.

Social Media And Universal Values

The Cosmic Values team is quite active on numerous social media sites, where they interact with the PetSimX community and post updates.


For updates and news regarding pet values, check their official Twitter account @CosmicValues.

Users can join discussions and share game-related information on the Discord server for Discord Cosmic Values.

Cosmic Values against the Alternative

Despite the fact that Cosmic Values is a favorite among Pet Simulator X gamers, there are other websites similar to PetSimX Values that you can visit.

Each platform has its own special benefits and features, so it’s advantageous to research several options to have a better idea of how much your pet is worth.

The Top X Cosmic Values Alternatives Are Provided Here.

Cosmic Values, a reasonably well-liked option, is PetSimX Values. You can check this website if Cosmic Values is unavailable for whatever reason. The website offers a huge database, and the pet search feature is very useful.

PetSimXList is a distinct website even if its name looks similar to the alternative mentioned above. You can check out their Trading Discord option on this site in addition to finding pet valuations.

PSXTradingValues – A quick glance at this alternative’s website will reveal that it is merely a straightforward resource for pet valuations. This website’s USP is the incredible pet giveaways it sponsors. You may discover the majority of the pet values categories right here.

PetSimXTradingValues – With this substitute, you get daily updated pet value information. By using this website, you can avoid entering into transactions that could cause you to lose money as a result of incomplete information.

Collector Pricing is a website that compiles a list of expensive pets for the Pet Sim X Values List (2023) and makes it available to you. For gaming fans, this knowledge is fascinating.

Additional Cosmic Values to Pet Simulator X

It’s interesting to note that “Cosmic Values” is a word that is not unique to Pet Simulator X. Additionally, it alludes to the “Cosmic Odyssey” comic book series.

Even if this series has nothing anything to do with the Cosmic Values website, it is nonetheless important to highlight it for anyone who might be considering reading comics with a cosmic theme.


Pet Simulator X’s universe might be intimidating, especially when attempting to determine the worth of your animals. Keep these essential ideas in mind to get the most out of the Cosmic Values website:

Cosmic Values is a reference, not the final word on what is right or wrong for pets.

Check the website frequently for updates on booth and pet prices.

For more information, interact with the Cosmic Values community on social media.


Is the Platform for Cosmic Values safe?

Yes, making sure the web connection is safe is crucial. Look for a padlock icon in your browser’s address bar to signify a safe connection.

How Can I Support The Platform For Cosmic Values?

Although it isn’t stated specifically in the text, engaging with the Cosmic Values group on social media and sharing knowledge could be helpful ways to contribute.

Are Cosmic Values Reliable?

As previously said, Cosmic Values offers predicted pet values based on market trends and user interactions. Although it is not appropriate to assert that it is correct, it can be said that it is largely trustworthy.

Is the Platform for Cosmic Values lawful?

Yes, Cosmic Values is an entirely legal platform since it just offers pet valuation estimates and makes no other expert recommendations. Their website’s privacy statement complies with all relevant legal requirements.

 Which Pet Categories On Cosmic Values Are The Most Popular?

Despite the fact that Cosmic Values contains pet values from all categories, some of them are more well-liked than others. Titanic, Ancient, Myth, Legendary, and Rare are a few of these.

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