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calantha wollny

Calantha Wollny became a popular name when she shocked her fans through her social media handle telling that She cannot get hurt due to shocking activities that made by someone. In this article, we are going to discuss about Calantha’s shocking secret which immensely turned out as a major reason of her controversy in 2021.

Who is Calantha Wollny?

Calantha Wollny is no longer visible in the area. Although her daughter Cataleya, also known as Püppi, has lived with grandmother Silvia Wollny for the past two and a half years, the 23-year-old has vanished from sight! Given that Calantha had said on Instagram that she intended to fight for her baby, this is a mystery. After Silvia reported her to the youth welfare office, the Wollny rebel declared, “I won’t let the little one be taken away from me” (at least that’s what Calantha claimed at the time). Ultimately, things transpired differently: Püppi appears to be under Silvia’s custody, and it remains unknown where the 4-year-old’s mother is.

Calantha Wollny’s Biography

On September 8, 2000, Calantha Wollny was born in Neuss am Rhein. She is a member of one of the most well-known large families in Germany. The Wollnys, together with her 10 siblings. She is the third youngest daughter of Silvia and Dieter Wollny.

Calantha’s Family Background

Silvia Neuss, the mother of the lion, and her extended family starred in several TV shows, including “Point 12” and “We are Family.” In 2011, the family was given their own reality TV show. The audience can follow the daily dramas and great and minor events of the Wollny clan in “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family.”

Calantha, like her siblings Sylvana, Sarafina, Sarah-Jane, Lavinia, Estefania, Loredana, Patrick, Sascha, Jessica, and Jeremy Pascal. It had to get used to the new guy by Silvia Wollny’s side after her mother and father parted ways in 2012. Harald Elsenbast, the restaurateur.

Calantha Wollny Relationship

Calantha and her partner got engaged at the start of 2017, which is something that a lot of people are unaware of anymore. In February, Calantha Wollny posted on Facebook, saying, “Engaged, I love you, Mason.” She discussed their wedding preparations on an Instagram account that the pair co-owned in the summer of 2019. 

She was questioned regarding her cat’s breed during a Q&A period. The admirer went on, “Do you and he want to get married too?” Calantha Wollny said, “And yes,” in response to the query about cats. When the wedding announcement was made, Calantha was eighteen years old. Her boyfriend—who went by the online moniker “Martyr_258″—was around a year older at nineteen.

The couple’s marriage was never again in doubt after that, although at some time they started addressing each other as “Mr. Mason and Mrs. Mason.”

Mr. Mason – Calantha’s Secret Boyfriend

The last time Calantha verified she was still with Mason was in August 2022. But a lot of people missed this, and understandably so. Just before going missing, she shared on TikTok, “I always thought happiness started with ‘G,’ but mine starts with ‘A.'” Many people are unaware that Mason is simply the nickname given to her lover. Under a picture, she once called him by his true name: “Always great times with you, Alex.” Love you,” she commented beneath one of their first photos together in December 2016.

By the way, Calantha had a brief relationship with “G,” who was her ex-boyfriend Gino. Mason, aka Alex, clarified in a March 2021 Q&A session that “Gino [and Calantha] were together for a few weeks, then it was over.

Calantha’s Secret Ring

Calantha Wollny, who had a ring on her finger, made an appearance in a TikTok video in mid-August 2020.

The 19-year-old was watched wearing a ring on the right ring finger in the video. Inspite of the fact that it appeared more like an engagement one. In Germany, the idea is to wear the wedding ring on the right hand and the engagement ring on the left finger. 

That was all a long time ago. The now 23-year-old has often stated throughout the years that Mason is her anchor. Even though Calantha and Mason split up in the interim. She captioned one Instagram photo in 2028, for instance, saying, “Baby, I love you so much, we can do anything.”

Calantha Wollnyys Children

Cataleya Wollny, Calantha’s daughter, was born on December 21, 2018. The excitement of the Wollny addition to the family was doubled as the then-17-year-old had previously lost a kid two years prior. Her brother Jeremy Pascal Wollny and his partner Sophie also became parents a short while later.

Calantha’s Shocking Past

Calantha brought shocking news into the limelight in April 2021. She has been the member of popular TV show, Die Wollnys where she announced to take a break from her social media handles. On the other hand, she was doing well at that time. Later, she got disappeared and further made her re-appearance to reveal a shocking secret. She captioned in one of her post that nobody cannot hurt her, even though she was bullied, beaten up, and even had a miscarriage with a rape. This led to huge controversy about her.

Calantha Wollny made news in 2017 for the wrong reasons. She got into a brawl and used pepper spray on a student, and she was involved in a police chase that ended in a field. The RTLZWEI extended family member was consequently sentenced to two weeks of juvenile prison.

Where Is Calantha Wollny’s now?

There are no hints as to Calantha Wollny’s location. Her family no longer mentions her, she hasn’t attended her child’s birthday celebrations. She hasn’t updated her social media accounts in a very long time! She might have moved in with her long-term partner because she had already left Wollny’s house in Ratheim. A few years older than Calantha is Mason, as the child’s father refers to himself, at least on social media.

Even though Calantha was still in school, the two were already dating, and their tumultuous. Intermittent romance made headlines again and time again.

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