TVS DMS: A Game-Changer for Dealerships

India’s technical expansion has helped high-quality automakers like TVS Motor Company thrive. TVS is a leading Indian motorbike manufacturer worldwide. As the world’s second-largest exporter, it serves nearly sixty nations. The famous TVS Group in India, famed for its two-wheelers, began with the TVS Motor Company.

TVS Dealership Management System

TVS Motor provides dealership programs that allow anyone to sell TVS cars nationwide as part of its commitment to excellence. No matter how well these programs operate, a few obstacles need a more sophisticated solution.

Process, information, and replacement component management are among these problems. TVS uses SAP ERP to handle over 450 dealers in India, solving these issues. A more complex Dealership Management System (DMS) has been designed and installed as technology evolves.

The TVS DMS : A Game-Changer

The technologically advanced TVS Dealership management system (DMS) streamlines processes for TVS dealerships, two-wheeler showrooms, and workshops. 

This DMS system simplifies task assignment, customer management, and internal operations analysis, enabling automated processes. With customer analysis, inventory management, financial management, and service management incorporated, the TVS DMS system revolutionizes operational efficiency.

Reasons for Implementing

The organization strategically installed the TVS DMS system to handle TVS dealerships’ various issues. The automated technique offers a digital platform for effective responsibility management and will quickly resolve dealership concerns. It resolves challenges and makes TVS a leader in the automobile industry in adopting new technology to stay competitive.

Importance of TVS DMS

TVS DMS, commonly known as AutoBoom, is an electronic gateway that helps auto dealerships operate their company. Meeting the conditions grants access to many services. 

Services include vehicle services, inventory management, pre-sale follow-up, customer management, financial management, sales management, dealer networking, online auto dealer connections, and accounting/inventory management. Television/AutoBoom has over 1500 customers nationwide, proving its quick and thorough service.

Navigating the Portal Login Steps

These simple steps will provide access to the TVS DMS web portal:

  • TVS DMS is available at advantagetvs.in
  • First, visit the website and enter your dealer information, including the Dealer Code.
  • Your dealer’s role might be Dealer Admin, Admin, Accounts, Sales, Support, Services, or Spares.
  • Select your language and dealership branch.
  • Enter your login information here.
  • Review the information and click login to access the site.

After signing in, users may easily handle work cards, service appointments, client inquiries, tokens, and dealer interactions. This straightforward structure makes digital platform navigation easy for dealers and boosts operational efficiency.


TVS DIGI provides real-time dealership information for mobile users. It includes scheduling, adding personnel, managing work cards, reports, comments, and post-service queries. 

This mobile app keeps users engaged and up-to-date away from their workstations. TVS DIGI created an app to help dealers make rapid choices based on accurate data to show their commitment to delivering current information.

Contact Numbers

Users may contact TVS support with questions or for help:

  • Toll-free number: 18004255225
  • Landline numbers: 04344-270296, 270297, 270298, 270299, 270048
  • Email: onlinedms@tvsmotor.co.in

Only TVS dealers may access the DMS website. This limitation guarantees a safe and tailored experience for each user. TVS’s toll-free number, landline lines, and dedicated email address show its commitment to providing its dealer network with fast and reliable service.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the TVS Advantage is powered by the company’s cutting-edge TVS DMS system, demonstrating its dedication to using technology to assist dealerships and consumers. The Decision Management System (DMS) is changing vehicle dealerships in India and throughout the globe, driving TVS Motor Company’s success. This comprehensive strategy—including cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and excellent support—has made TVS a leader in the ever-changing automotive industry.

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