Add, protect and claim your stuff back easily

It’s that simple. Using smart video technology, we we’ll record your items and create for you, your very own buzzvault – an app that stores all of your valuable possessions in one place. This will enable you to insure only what you want and when you want to. So, here’s to no more generic and over inflated pricing but fair and accurate quotes based on what you want insured and not a penny more.

How to get started:
1. GET QUOTE    Add items Get Insured

Why we're not your average home insurer

Insurance is rarely accurate, as consumers we pay on ‘averages’ and need to prove the value with documentation if problems occur (you’ll get to truly know your insurer at claim time!). Thats why we’re different. We charge you for only what you use and need and not a penny more. Here’s more reasons why we created buzzvault, ensuring fairness and transparency are at the centre of our brand.

Insurance traps

Traditional Insurance

buzzvault Insurance

Here’s the key differences between traditional insurers V’s buzzvault:

Blanket cover

If you can’t prove it you lose it.

Everything agreed up front

Details of what is covered

Not easy to update policy and can come with admin fee

No fees. Update and add / remove as and when required


If they find your underinsured you get paid ‘the average’

No averaging. You get paid out on exactly what’s insured.

Single item limits

Limit for single items is on avg. 2-3K

Single item limit £10K. Items in vault covered.

Out of home cover

Not always available, complicated what is/isn’t covered 

An extra that you can switch on and off. Cover on the go.

Long quote process with complex jargon

Complex, takes long and highly detailed. with higher likelyhood for error

Quick insurance journey 5 mins, and no difficult questions to worry about

Video powered proof of purchase

The future of insurance is video. A quick video call to identify your key items ensures at point of claim you have valid proof of purchase. This makes it easier for you and for us in a world of receipts and forms to fill out. Get a quote now and we’ll backup your policy with a video confirmation call.