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Sapthami Gowda, an Indian actress, is mostly employed in the Kannada film business. She costarred with Rishab Shetty in the Kannada film Kantara in 2022 as Leela. She also contributed to the 2019 film Popcorn Monkey Tiger, which was directed by Soori.

Birth & Formative Years

Sapthami Gowda was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, on June 8, 1996. Shantha Madaiah is her mother’s name, and Umesh SK Doddi is her father. Assistant Commissioner of Police is her father’s job title. She has a sister who is younger.
Sapthami attended Baldwin Girls High School in Bangalore for her education, and Kumarans PU College in Bangalore was her PUC. Later, she enrolled at Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) to work for a civil engineering degree.


Sapthami began her career as a software developer and spent a year working for Accenture. She received her first big break in 2019 as Girija in the Soori-written and -directed Kannada movie Popcorn Monkey Tiger. She later signed on to star in Hombale Films’ Kantara, directed by Rishab Shetty.

A Few Details Regarding Sapthami Gowda

  • Bangalore is the place where Sapthami Gowda was born and raised in Karnataka.
  • Before she started working in Kannada films, she was employed by Accenture, an IT business.
  • She competes in triathlons and swimming at the national level.
  • With the Kannada film Popcorn Monkey Tiger, in which she costarred with Dhananjaya and Niveditha, Sapthami made her acting debut in 2019.
  • She enjoys going to trips and engaging in amazing activities in her free time.
  • She has a strong intrigue in diet and exercise.

Self-Record of Sapthami Gowda

Sapthami Gowda is not in a relationship at the moment and is single. She is putting a lot of effort into achieving her goals in terms of her career. Sapthami regularly posts images and videos of her family on social media since they are very important to her. Models and influencers on social media are among Sapthami’s close friends. She works with them on a variety of events and projects on a regular basis.

Instagram Presence of Sapthami Gowda

Sapthami Gowda has a large Instagram following and is a very social person. She routinely posts photos and videos of herself on her more than a million-follower Instagram account. In addition, she engages with her followers on Facebook and Twitter by posting regularly.

The Sapthami Gowda Scandals

In 2022, the song group Thaikkudam Bridge claimed that the Sapthami Gowda-directed movie Kantara was plagiarized. The Kannada album “Navarasam” is allegedly covered by the band in the movie Kantara’s song “Varaha Roopam.” Thaikkudam Bridge, a music group, also requested that their followers inform others about copyright infringements. Thaikkudam Bridge shared a picture on Instagram discussing the issue of copying with the following caption:

Highlights of Sapthami Gowda’s career

In her career, Sapthami Gowda has found success as an actor, model, and social media influencer. She has collaborated with a number of well-known businesses and products in addition to appearing in numerous plugs and audio recordings. Critics have also commended Sapthami for her performances in two Kannada movies. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Sapthami is a philanthropist who actively supports several social issues. She has donated gifts to numerous non-governmental organizations and charitable causes and used her internet entertainment platforms to spread the word about various concerns.

FAQs and the Sapthami Gowda Wiki

Saptami Gowda, is she married?
Gowda Sapthami is single.

Who is Wikipedia’s Sapthami Gowda?
Talented Indian actress Sapthami Gowda mainly works in the Kannada cinema industry. Under Duniya Suri’s direction, she made her acting debut in the 2020 film Popcorn Monkey Tiger. Her remarkable portrayal as Leela in Rishab Shetty’s 2022 film Kantara has brought her widespread praise and accolades.

What are Sapthami Gowda’s details?
In Bangalore, Karnataka, India, on June 8, 1996, Sapthami Gowda entered the world. She’s a talented actress who starred in Popcorn Monkey Tiger (2019), Yuva (2023), and Kantara (2022).

Nagarjun Gowda: Is he a physician?
Despite his family’s financial struggles, Nagarjun B. Gowda, who presently resides in Madhya Pradesh, has always been an exceptional student. Owing to these conditions, he decided to become a government officer. He attended a private school for his elementary schooling, and in 2016 he graduated with honors from the MBBS program.

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