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Offer terms and conditions

  1. The buzzvault removal partner referral promotion is valid from 1st October 2019 - 31st December 2019.
  2. The promotion offers up to £100 cashback to newly referred customers (referee) and £100 cashback to the referrer (buzzvault removal partners).
  3. The promotion is intended for use by buzzmove removal partners only. buzzvault reserves the right to refuse referrals if it determines that the referrer is not a genuine buzzmove removal partner.
  4. The promotion is open to anyone who receives the private invite from a buzzmove removal partner, who does not already have a buzzvault insurance policy.
  5. Referrers are only eligible for the promotion if they refer a new customer who purchases a buzzvault insurance policy.
  6. Referrers are required not to say anything misleading (make false claims or share false information in regards to buzzvault products or services), in order to induce referred customers to purchase a buzzvault insurance policy. Referrers must only use the information provided by buzzvault to communicate the promotion to potential new customers.
  7. In order to qualify for the buzzvault removal partner referral promotion, you must be a new customer without an existing buzzvault insurance policy. 
  8. All new customers must purchase a buzzvault insurance policy and carry out their video survey within 28 days of purchasing the policy. If the video survey is not completed within 28 days, the insurance policy will not be valid and no cashback will be paid to either the referee or the referrer.
  9. The referred customer must use the unique code provided by the removal partner in order for both parties to receive their cashback.
  10. buzzvault customers who purchase an insurance policy as a result of any other medium such as through a third party website, will not be eligible for this promotion.
  11. Every new customer who purchases a policy through the removal partners referral promotion will be eligible for up to £100 cashback when they adhere to the terms and conditions of this promotion.
  12. The cashback will be transferred into the new customer’s bank account 30 days after the start of their policy, providing the video survey has been completed. The customer and removal partner will be required to provide us with bank account details in order for us to transfer the cashback. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct bank details. 
  13. The £100 referral cashback for removal partners will be paid at the same time as the referee’s cashback is paid.
  14. There is only one reward per referred customer introduced via the referral promotion, but there is no limit to the number of referrals made.
  15. Only one cashback payment will be awarded per UK address.
  16. Customers must keep their insurance policy for a minimum of 12 months. buzzvault reserve the right to withhold up to £100 from the repayment of any cancellation refund if the referred customer cancels their policy before the 12 month period expires.
  17. buzzvault reserves the right to remove access to this promotion if we suspect any suspicious behaviour (for example referral of fictitious customers).
  18. buzzvault reserves the right to modify the removal partners referral promotion at any time, without prior notice to both new and existing customers. 
  19. By inviting other parties to join the buzzvault removal partners referral promotion, you are indicating that you are accepting these terms and conditions.
  20. In the event of any disputes regarding this promotion, buzzvault retains the right to a final and absolute decision.
  21. The removal partners referral promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  22. The owner of this promotion is Buzzvault, Archer Street Studios, 10-11 Archer Street, London, W1D 7AZ. buzzvault Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), our FCA number is 796481. Details of our company can be found by searching the FCA Register.
  23. If you have any questions about the buzzvault friends and family referral promotion, then you can contact us by post at Marketing Department, buzzvault, Archer Street Studios, 10-11 Archer Street, London, W1D 7AZ, or by email us at