Michael Ciminella: Bio, Age, Net worth, Career, Girlfriend and more

Michael Ciminella is a popularly-known American entrepreneur and marketing expert who has had good success in the field. In add on to this, he is the father of Ashley Judd and the ex-husband of country music icon Naomi Judd. Read our article to find out more about Michael’s life and achievements.

Biography of Michael Ciminella

Michael Ciminella is an America businessman, celebrity and a marketing advisor, who was born on 1945 at USA. He has completed his educations from his hometown. He started his career by working in different jobs and owned several businesses. On 30 April, 2022 his wife was passed away due to the mental illness and because of her, he got famous online.

Career of Michael Ciminella

For a long time, Ciminella owned and ran gas stations along the Ashland axis in Kentucky. He served as a marketing consultant, assisting companies with their advertising and promotion methods, after leaving the gas station industry.

Ciminella contributed to a number of environmental problems as well. He was especially concerned in maintaining the ecology of eastern Kentucky, and he is now a fervent supporter of safeguarding the area’s resources and scenic splendor.

He was a member of the team that successfully stopped a proposed landfill project in the area in the 1990s.

Ciminella has worked in marketing and environmental advocacy in addition to philanthropy. He has contributed philanthropically to organizations that promote the arts, education, and cancer research, among other causes.

Ciminella Michael and Judd Naomi

In 1964, Ciminella wed Naomi, who subsequently adopted Wynonna, her first child. Ashley Tyler Ciminella, the couple’s daughter, was born in 1968.

After Ciminella and Judd got divorced in 1972, Ashley and Wynonna Ellen Judd became Ashley and Wynonna Ellen Judd, respectively. After 17 years, she wed Larry Strickland, her second husband, on April 6, 1989.

Judd committed suicide on April 30, 2022, after receiving a mental health diagnosis in her latter years. Ashley Judd discussed her mother’s deteriorating mental health and how, when Ashley left her mother alone for a short while, she killed herself with a weapon.

Diana Ellen Judd gave birth to Naomi Judd in Ashland, Kentucky, on January 11, 1946. She was the child of Charles Glen Judd and Pauline Oliver Judd, his spouse.

Along with her daughter Wynonna Judd, Judd rose to popularity as a singer and composer in the country music genre. They came with each other to form The Judds, a musical team that go on to become one of the most popular performers in the past of country music. In add on, Judd has written multiple books and served as a television host and actor.

Where is Michael Ciminella Currently?

Michael gained notoriety as the first spouse of Naomi Judd. His ex-wife is a well-known singer, songwriter, activist, and country music celebrity. Before being married in January 1964, Michael and Naomi dated for a few months after meeting in 1963. Sadly, they barely had an eight-year marriage before divorcing in 1972. Following the divorce, he maintained a low profile and withheld personal details.

Michael Ciminella’s wife suicide

Not surprisingly, Michael Ciminella is a well-known crook, and his last name bears a striking resemblance to the hated word “criminal.” Following his marriage to renowned singer-songwriter Naomi Judd, he rose to fame.

However, he allegedly cheated on her, which led to the end of their relationship. Let’s examine Michael Ciminella’s life and the ways in which his marriage to his ex-wife influenced it.

Age of Michael Ciminella

Ciminella was born in 1945, but it’s unclear exactly the month and day he was born. At present, he is 78 years of age.

Is Michael Ciminella healthy and alive?

Ciminella is very much alive and healthy, despite rumors that he passed away in 1992. After divorcing Naomi Judd, he has not been married and is currently leading a solitary life in Kentucky.

Facts About Michael Ciminella

  • American businessman and marketing strategist Michael Ciminella was born in the country in 1945.
  • He is well-known for being Naomi Judd’s husband.
  • After being dump by Wynonna Judd’s biological father, Charles Jordan, Michael got marry.
  • Wynonna was previously give the last name Ciminella.
  • When Ashley was four years old, Michael and Naomi got divorce in 1972.
  • Ashley’s mother Naomi brought her back to Kentucky the next year.
  • In a joint statement went on April 30, 2022, Naomi Judd’s daughters Ashley and Wynonna Judd stated her passing at the age of 76.
  • Judd pass on the day before she was there to be induct into the Country Music Hall of Fame, according to TODAY magazine.
  • Judd was marry to Larry Strickland, her second spouse of over thirty years, at the time of her death.
  • According to information cited by People Magazine, Judd committed suicide.
  • Heavy was informed by the Nashville medical examiner’s office that “we are only giving out information to the family at this time.”

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