Joel Osteen, is he divorced? The evangelist’s marriage’s real story

Joel Scott Osteen is a multimillionaire American author, televangelist, and pastor of Houston, Texas’s Lakewood Church, one of the country’s biggest megachurches. Amidst his innumerable scandals and unrelenting public censure, a recurrent gossip persists regarding the dissolution of his union with Victoria. Is Joel Osteen separated now?

Joel Osteen, a televangelist, and his spouse Victoria tied the knot in 1987. They are the pastors of Houston, Texas’s Lakewood Church, and they are fortunate to have two kids. These two preachers are among the wealthiest in the world. Over the past two years, Osteen has had to dedicate a significant portion of his career to refuting rumors about his personal life.

Is Joel Osteen and Victoria no longer together? Contrary to rumors that they separated years ago, Victoria and Joel have been married for more than 30 years. Victoria has supported Joel through the years as his ministry and notoriety have grown. She was appointed his co-pastor as a result.

So Victoria is moving out of Lakewood? A rumor allegedly circulated that Joel and Victoria were leaving the ministry to begin selling cosmetics. But this was just a fake rumor meant to damage their reputation. The pair, Joel and Victoria Osteen, were wed on April 4, 1987, and are still together. As so, the rumour about their breakup remained just that—rumors.

How did the rumors of a divorce start? Joel Osteen, is he divorced?

 Joel and Victoria have refuted these allegations in public, and there is no proof to support them. The couple’s famous position and the ensuing scrutiny could be a contributing factor to the rumors. Because of their huge fan following and regular public appearances, Joel and Victoria are vulnerable to rumors and conjectures regarding their private lives.

Some saw this as a clergyman’s simple religious guidance, while others saw it as a hint of marital strife or divorce. Is Joel Osteen divorcing now? These acquisitions are unsupported by evidence, and Joel and Victoria have been real about the significance of family, faith, and love.

Although they have openly discussed the highs and lows of their marriage, they have never wavered in their love for one another or their family.

Joel and Victoria Osteen met in what way? While Victoria was attending the University of Houston to get her psychology degree, she met Joel in 1985. Osteen had met Victoria while she worked at Iloff Jewelers, her mother’s jewelry store, where she was buying a new watch battery. Just two years later, in 1987, they got married.

The son and daughter of the couple are their offspring. Jonathan Osteen is the couple’s firstborn. His birthday is April 20, 1995. As of 2023, he is 28 years old. Jonathan earned a screenwriting degree from the University of Texas in 2017.

Is Lakewood Church still home to Jonathan Osteen?

He is a singer and an instrumentalist who performs with the church band on acoustic guitar. In addition, Jonathan preaches to young people at Lakewood Church, continuing a family tradition started by his father.

Lisa Osteen: Is she still wed?

Lisa, Joel’s older sister, works at Lakewood Church as an assistant pastor. Lisa is wed to Kevin Comes, with whom she has three kids. Joel Osteen, is he divorced? There is no truth to the rumors that Joel and Victoria Osteen are divorcing. Over the years, the couple’s commitment to one another has not wavered.

Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen

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Career of Joel Osteen

Osteen began his career as a preacher on January 17, 1999, when he gave his first sermon. His inspiring message quickly found resonance with the members of the congregation, and on October 3 of that year, he was formally installed as the new senior pastor of Lakewood Church, taking on the post with much zeal and commitment.

A major turning point was reached in 2003 when Lakewood Church purchased the Compaq Center, a famous arena that had housed the Houston Rockets of the NBA and the Houston Aeros of the AHL. Osteen and his group undertook a massive restoration effort with amazing vision and tenacity to turn the center into a lively and inviting house of worship.

The influence of Osteen’s preaching went much beyond church boundaries. By 2008, Lakewood Church’s weekly services were being seen by viewers in more than 100 countries thanks to the power of television. People from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds were moved by the message of positivism, faith, and hope, which encouraged them to embrace their spirituality and lead happy lives.

Osteen was delighted to be listed on Barbara Walters’ prestigious list of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006, a testament to his influence and captivating abilities. Notable people have praised Osteen’s capacity to encourage and inspire others. Former presidential contender John McCain praised Osteen as his favorite author for inspiration.

The Osteen family was invited to President Barack Obama’s Easter luncheon at the White House in 2010, which is evidence of his broad appeal and impact. The event emphasized the importance of Osteen’s contributions to the field of faith and spirituality as well as his influence on people and communities all around the world.

Joel Osteen’s career as an educator and leader has been varied by noteworthy achievements, both inside and outside of the church. His important status in the field of spiritual way and inspiration has been cemented by his uninterrupted dedication to delivering a message of hope and his special ability to connect with others.

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